We’ve made it easy for you to have the top WUI planning resources in your digital library. These publicly-available reports and toolkits provide practical guidance for planners, fire officials, real estate developers, natural resource managers, wildfire mitigation specialists, elected officials, and affiliated professions. While a few resources are state-specific, we think they benefit any geographic area with WUI challenges.

Land Use Planning Approaches in the Wildland-Urban Interface

Published by CWPC, this four-state analysis of California, Colorado, Montana, and Washington shares how each state’s land use planning framework addresses the WUI. The report highlights WUI trends and long-term wildfire risk drivers, such as climate change, and proposes solutions for each state and overarching approaches to improving WUI planning outcomes.

Planning the Wildland-Urban Interface

Published by the American Planning Association, provides historical context on the WUI, fire behavior concepts to understand wildfire ignitions in the built environment, land use planning tools and case studies, and tips for implementation.

Building to Coexist with Fire

Building to Coexist with Fire: Community Risk Reduction Measures for New Development in California, published by the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, provides guidance on how planners, fire districts, and communities can develop community-scale risk reduction measures when building or rebuilding in fire-prone areas.

Firebreak: Wildfire Resilience Strategies for Real Estate

Published by the Urban Land Institute, details the implications of wildfires for the real estate industry and explores best practices in building design and land use policy that can reduce the damage caused by wildfires and help set communities up to thrive in the long run.

Planning for Hazards: Land Use Solutions for Colorado

Developed by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, is a downloadable and web-based resource showcasing a broad range of hazard planning tools with explanations and tips on implementation.

Community Wildfire Safety Through Regulation

Community Wildfire Safety Through Regulation – A Best Practices Guide for Planners and Regulators, published by the National Fire Protection Association, is designed to help planners and local communities considering wildfire regulations to understand their options and implement a successful public process to adopt effective WUI tools that match local needs.