Latest Round of Trainings with CAL FIRE Completed

Latest Round of Trainings with CAL FIRE Completed

Jun 20, 2024

Last month, CWPC and CAL FIRE – Office of the State Fire Marshal’s Community Wildfire Preparedness and Mitigation Division wrapped up another successful round of trainings to educate planners, fire officials, building officials, and other professionals on Land Use Planning for Wildfires in California. These trainings brought together diverse audiences to learn about wildfire ignition concepts, minimum planning requirements, and best practices in the wildland-urban interface

A few things we heard from our participants about their experiences:

“Thank you all for providing this class. It helped to reflect on the importance of communication with partners and the review and updates to ordinances and resolutions.”

“This training helped me see the bigger picture when it comes to a jurisdiction’s general plan. It also helped with understanding the process of wildland fires.”

“The deep dive into the fire hazard ratings was really helpful, as well as the description and examples of a WUI.”

“Very valuable in advancing my understanding of land use planning, how various plans are linked and importance of keeping plans (safety element/LHMP) current – and how land use planning can be a tool to reduce wildfire risk/hazard and increase resilience.”

Thanks to the instructor cadre @Matt Damon @Kelly Johnston @Molly Mowery @Shane Vargas @Bryan Carter and all our training attendees! We are grateful to have the opportunity to teach, share, and learn together.

Stay tuned for more information about future training opportunities in 2025 at CWPC’s website.