What We Do

The Community Wildfire Planning Center engages in results-oriented initiatives. We emphasize scientific and fact-based approaches that achieve measurable risk reduction. Our services include:

  • Property assessment programs. We help communities design and implement voluntary property assessment programs that identify parcel-level vulnerabilities and solutions. Programs include a field collection app, database, and automated reporting features.
  • Professional training. We provide professional training on wildfire-ignition concepts, mitigation techniques, and home assessment procedures. We develop customized training materials to help stakeholders understand local wildfire concerns and their role in risk reduction.
  • Community-based projects. We apply specialized skill sets in forestry, fire behavior, geographic information systems, land use planning, and wildfire mitigation to deliver community-based projects such as post-fire recovery studies, mitigation, and preparedness reports, and more.
  • Outreach and education. We help organize local events to learn about wildfire and connect community members. We develop outreach materials to promote wildfire awareness and action.