Featured Projects


REALFire® was created as a voluntary program to help residents identify wildfire vulnerabilities on their home and property. The program was piloted in 2014 by Eagle County, CO and the Vail Board of REALTORS®, with the support of local fire protection districts and homeowner associations. CPWC now administers the program to ensure a long-term approach to its success. To date, the program has assessed hundreds of housing units and provides a certificate of recognition to property owners who accomplish all mitigation actions. The program builds on the Wildfire Partners program established in Boulder County, CO.

Wildfire Risk Assessment Program

CWPC recently worked with the West Region Wildfire Council (http://www.cowildfire.org/) to develop an enhanced property assessment program and online interface for residents. This voluntary program helps mitigation assessment specialists easily collect property data and provides residents with a mitigation report. The downloadable report enables residents to quickly see what actions they should take to reduce wildfire vulnerabilities to their home and property. CWPC’s database makes it easy for the West Region Wildfire Council to organize its data and perform follow up inspections.

Post-Fire Mitigation Study

The Community Wildfire Planning Center recently released Lake Christine Fire: A Post-Fire Study on the Effectiveness of Wildfire Mitigation Activities in Identified Neighborhoods. The purpose of this study was to conduct a formal analysis on two specific areas in Eagle County, Colorado to determine the role of mitigation. This study found that homes which survived the Lake Christine Fire can be attributed to a combination of suppression and mitigation actions. In many cases, property mitigation supported firefighters in their response and suppression efforts by enabling them to make safer decisions and created a more efficient response. In several instances, mitigated homes survived on their own without any firefighter intervention. Voluntary and mandatory mitigation efforts complemented one another during different aspects of the development process and lifecycle of structures and reinforced the value of property assessment programs in increasing neighborhood resiliency to future wildfires.